Our Web Design Philosophy

When we say that we are different than most other companies, we are serious. Our philosophy stems from one similar to Google's 'Do no evil' philosophy. Our goal is to only make money when we actually help people out. Our belief is that the helping part should come first, and hopefully the money will follow. Thus far, it has been successful.

As an example, we prominently offer free XHTML Strict Templates on our site for all to use... including potential clients whom that is all they made need. If you have a reasonable amount of web design / programming knowledge, and just need something extremely basic without the bells and whistles; we'd rather you pick up one of our free templates and use that, rather than pay some designer $500 or more for something you may not need. This is probably not something you are used to hearing from a design firm, which is why we stress that we are indeed different.

Web design firms are often approached with grand projects, with sometimes equally grand budgets. Our experience in all aspects of Internet business has helped us to fairly quickly spot those projects which have a good chance of succeeding, and those which have none. So if you come to us with a project that we know for a fact will not work, or ever be successful to you, we will act as free consultants and explain to you the problem with your concept instead of taking your money and continuing anyway. Any good designer who has worked with a large design firm has undoubtedly experienced this exact situation many times before. We are here to help our clients, and potential clients... and we stand by that.

We can only ask to be compensated fairly for this help, and if we are spending our time on the projects that are most deserving, we feel that both parties will come out of the experience happier much more often.

So regardless of how big or small your project is, send us a message and we'll see how we may be able to help you bring it to reality.