Web Design Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your latest design can be time consuming. For this reason I have compiled a list of some places you can look before your next design. The sites below are sites dedicated specifically to selecting the best designs on the web for your inspiration.

  • Web Creme
    • This is my favorite place to look for inspiration. It is updated all the time, and features hundreds (maybe thousands) of different hand picked designs from throughout the web.
  • BestWebGallery
    • BestWebGallery is very similar to WebCreme, and features a very large number of great designs to take from for inspiration. Not as comprehensive as WebCreme (though close), and does not appear to be updated quite as actively.
  • HTML5 Gallery
    • This site features websites that use the newest web design standard, HTML5.

There are also plenty of other sites that do a good job of listing some smaller versions of these sites, as well as some nice portfolios of other designers. Listed in order of usefulness for web design inspiration.

  1. 60 Web Design Galleries
    1. This site lists some of the best places online to find web design inspiration online.
  2. A Site a Day
    1. Frequently updated (hence the name), "A site a day keeps designer's block away".
  3. WebDesign-Inspiration.com
    1. Although the site itself has a 'different' layout, it is quite a good source of web design inspiration.
  4. UnmatchedStyle.com
  5. CartFrenzy.com
    1. This site focuses solely on the design of ecommerce websites.
  6. 30 Beautiful Coffee Websites

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