Affordable Professional Website Design Package

The Blue Package was designed with one thing in mind:  Giving you the best possible professional website, at the best price.     We have always believed in getting things done right, and never cutting corners.    Doing things the right way, takes time and individual attention.     That also means that if you want a great site, you need to hire an experienced web developer to work with you one-on-one to get your site up and running properly.   This is usually relatively expensive, however our new Blue Package was designed to give you all the benefits of a properly developed website from the ground up, at a cost much lower than you can find anywhere else.

What kind of website do you want ?

In the web design industry there are in general two types of websites you can buy online.  

The Cookie-Cutter site
The majority of large companies offering cheap web design packages are really offering some form of a cookie-cutter website.  This is where you're charged a relatively low price (if you're lucky), but the site you get is just pasted into a cookie-cutter template that they use for hundreds/thousands  of other clients.    The total time spent on your site is probably only around 15 minutes.   There are many problems with this approach, for one you have next to no control over the outcome of the site, it comes out looking bad, and not to mention it will perform terribly in search engines.  We are completely against these types of sites, and the Blue Package was designed as a way to get top quality work done, at a price that can still compete with the 'cheap website' packages out there.

Hiring a Professional
If you want a successful site, that presents your business in a professional manner, and is designed to actually generate new customers for your business,  then you need to hire a professional.   Having someone with years of experience design your site means you'll get that one-on-one attention to understand your business and how it should be presented online.    

After over a decade of experience in the industry, and hundreds of clients from around the world, we designed the Blue Package as a straight forward way to get a site that would normally cost $2,000+ for only $599.

This is done by streamlining the workflow so that we have a solid idea of what you want on the site before we begin development.      Much of the time spent in development is in the going back and forth between the developer & the client, with this package you'll know exactly what you're getting and what we need from you to make it all happen.   This allows us to spend more time working on your site, and have your finished website online faster.
What it includes:

  • 100% Original website, designed from the ground up.  You tell us how you want it to look, what colors, images, fonts, logos to use, and we design it from scratch to your specifications.
  • Up to 7 pages of content (i.e. home page, products page, services page, etc..) .   Unlimited images / text on each page.
  • Search engine optimization included on all of your pages.  (you tell us which keywords you want to rank for, and the pages will be optimized for those keywords).
  • Site designed to the latest web standards, and designed to work on all platforms & browsers (mobile included).
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Links to your Social Media profiles (Facebook / Twitter / Youtube)
  • Assistance with the domain name & hosting set up  (you can get your domain name, and hosting from anywhere you wish, and we will set it up for you).
  • A custom contact form on the site for users to easily get in touch with you from your site (sent to your email address).
  • Slideshow / gallery
  • Site guaranteed to be ready within 1-2 weeks after receiving your materials.

To get started we only require half of the payment up front ($299), and then the remainder once your site is complete and online.   There are no monthly, or recurring fees whatsoever.  After you've made the first half's payment, you'll be emailed with a document to fill out giving us all of the information we need to develop the site to your specifications.   The more information we get from you here, the better. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

We also only take on a limited number of these projects at any given time to ensure we can focus 100% on each of our clients.  If the order now button is active below, then the service is currently open to new clients, and you may order now.

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