The Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

Quote & Site Details

The first step is to settle on a plan for your site. For most sites this is: the number of pages (and what those pages will be), an idea of how you'd like it to look, and if you want any additional galleries, slideshows, programming, search engine packages, or the abilitiy to update your site yourself. We are happy to talk you through this, and give you a quote for exactly what you need.

1st Half of Payment

Once we know exactly what you'll be doing, and agree to a price, the first half of the payment may be accepted. After this, work can begin.

Text, Content, and Materials for the site

Your site is ready to start work on, now we just need any text, images, logos, or other content you want on your site. It is also very helpful if you send us other sites you like to use as a guideline. We do not have any limitations to how your site can look, so send us any ideas you might have, and we'll create the designed based upon that. Simply email this to us, and work will begin.

Initial Design

Using all the information you send to us, the initial design will be created and emailed to you for approval. Feel free to make any changes to the design you wish. Once approved, work on the final site can begin.

Final Website Design

This is the stage where all the code, graphics, and images all come together to create the final site. From the initial design we will code you entire site using to the very latest design standards, to be fast, work in all browsers, and search engine friendly. This is where the magic happens, we create all of your pages, link them all together, and do any programming work to bring it all together.

Final Review

Your website is now finished. You will be emailed a working version of your website to test out for yourself. We encourage you to go through the entire site, and if there is anything else you want to change simply email us with the changes, they'll be taken care of.

Final Payment

Your site is now completed. Once we've made your any final changes, you can submit the final payment.

The Site Goes Live!

We'll upload your entire site to the web, and you're ready to go.

We hope to work with you on your site soon, please send us a message about your business, and we'll be happy to give you free professional advice, as well as a quote for your project.