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We at the Bryant Smith Design Group believe in educating our clients as much as possible about their websites. The more you, the owner of your business understands about website design, and Internet marketing, the better we can work together to make your website successful. You understand the inner-workings of your business, and we understand the web, every successful site is about bridging this gap in order to reach your customers in the best possible way.


We understand that people have different levels of understanding when it comes to website design, some may have created their own sites in the past, while others barely know how to use email. Below is a list of some of the most common things we feel clients would benefit from understanding.


What does a web designer do when I hire him to create a site ?


Once my site is finished, what can I do to start getting more traffic ?


I want to learn a little about web design to make changes to my own site.


I need more than a website, I need a custom application to be programmed. What are the costs involved, and what are your recommendations to get it done ?



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