Web Design Requirements

Before creating a site, it is important to define the requirements for your new web design. In software engineering, this is called requirements elicitation. Web design requirements elicitation is exactly the same, only it concerns what you need to get out of your web site instead of a piece of software.

 To start, you should write down some details about your site that will be helpful for web designers to start designing your site;

  • How many pages do you want on your site
    • How much content (text, pictures, videos, media, etc...) will you have on each page.
  • Do you need marketing help with your site
    • The most common form of marketing done on new sites is Search Engine Opimization, if you plan on getting high rankings on search engines, this is the essential part of your web design requirements.
    • Social media marketing (marketing on facebook, twitter, digg, reddit, etc..)
    • Pay per click marketing (Google adwords)
  • Do you need custom programming
    • If you need custom programming for something other than simple web forms, you should spend a significant amount of time working out exactly how you want this to work. The more information about the functionality you can provide, the better.
    • If you need a custom web form, be sure to include all the fields you want in the form, where you want it to be sent, and any additional database interaction you want it to have. (storing the submitted information in a database).
  • Do you require custom graphics / animation
    • Flash isn't reccomended for all sites, but if you need a flash movie to be implemented, you should include this in your web design requirements document.

 In summary, try to provide as much detail as possible into your requirements documentation. It is better to have provided exactly what you are looking for, than to have the web designer guess.

 Once you've established all of your requirements, send them to us using this form.