Republican Efforts Persist (8-11-2012), Hawaii-Tribune Herald

Excerpt: "Smith, who is also running uncontested in the primary for the Republican nomination in the state Senate District 2 race, said he expected to be helping other GOP candidates by making last-minute calls to voters himself on Friday night. Smith said the GOP pulled together a rally of sorts two years ago. About 300 people attended, but that was the last one. “Nobody’s doing anything this year,” he said. Veteran GOP campaigner Andy Smith (unrelated to Daryl), said the big Democratic rally “really doesn’t make a difference to us.”


“We meet with our supporters all the time,” said Smith, who’s working exclusively this year on the U.S. Senate campaign of former GOP Gov. Linda Lingle. The Lingle campaign staged sign-waving events Friday afternoon in Hilo and Kona, and most of the island’s GOP candidates will be gathering at Lingle headquarters in Hilo and Kona tonight to watch the primary election returns roll in, he said. “We’re keeping it local.”"