Daryl Lee Smith, Republican for Hawaiʻi State Senate


Dear Concerned Voter,

Daryl Smith for Hawaii State SenateLike you, I've watched our beautiful state suffer at the hand of partisan politics. Poor decision-making by our state legislature continues to keep Hawaii in the red. What we need are leaders who are committed to enabling initiatives that will help our community prosper.

I believe there are two areas that demand our immediate attention:

1) Education
2) Small business taxes and regulations


Daryl Smith - Republican for State Senate 2012


We need to reward people according to the great work they accomplish. As a former business owner, I understand the constant struggle that Hawaii business owners face. Increasing taxes, tighter regulations, and a struggling economy make it hard for each and every one of us to stay above water. When elected, I will fight to preserve small business tax incentives, tear down pro-hibitive bureaucratic regulations, all of which will help our ailing economy get back on it’s feet.

If you share my belief that Hawaii is the exception, capable of conquering any challenge, join me in making a difference in our great state. I humbly ask for your support and vote on November 6th.