Best Money Management Apps

Be it you make all the money you could ever want or you barely make ends meet. You need a solid cost-effective way to make sure that all the important bills are paid. This is as it is very easy to lose track of that money that you make. That is why today we want to give some a few amazing money management applications that will help you keep track of your funds like slots online or other games they can generate funds for you.

Top Money Management Applications


YNAB is an acronym that means You Need A Budget. The application provides excellent guidance and smart money management tips. With YNAB you get free money management tutorials and the app caters to those who need basic money management tips that are simple to understand. All the information that you enter into the application is encrypted and deleted when you choose to leave the application.


If you are looking for a little bit of old school in the way that you budget your money, then we suggest GoodBudget. The application gives you separate envelopes that you can use to save your finds.  Users can have envelopes like bills and one for best australian online pokies games as well. The application will also give you the chance to specify how to spend and save your money. Your account is protected with read-only access and a pin.


Mint is an application that has been around for the longest time. Mint will analyze your spending habits, income, and other financial transactions. Mint can also calculate your net worth as well as give a detailed analysis of your spinning habits. The application does not access to your funds. Therefore if you were to be hacked, the hacker would not have any access to your funds.


Acorns is an application that can be likened to a virtual piggy bank. Acorns targets college students and people who struggle to save money. It allows users to save their money all the change that they would get when buying anything. Acorns come with web encryption.