Simple Reload - Tab Auto Refresh

Simply right click anywhere in the page, and set your refresh time for that page.

  • Background Functionality: Simple Reload operates discreetly in the background. This ensures your tabs refresh as needed without interrupting your browsing experience.
  • Link Interaction: Clicking on links within your tabs doesn't disrupt the refresh process. Your tabs will continue to refresh at the set rate regardless of your navigation within the tab.
  • Visible Refresh Rates: Stay informed with visible refresh rates directly in your tab title bars. With Simple Reload, you can instantly see which tabs are refreshing and their current refresh rates.
  • Multiple Tab Refresh: Need several tabs to refresh at different rates? No problem. Simple Reload allows you to set up multiple tabs to refresh, in any combination of foreground and background tabs.

The Power User's Essential Tool

Simple Reload is not just an auto-refresh tool - it's an indispensable asset for power users. For those juggling multiple tabs, maintaining a constant online presence, or simply wanting to stay updated without the constant manual refresh, Simple Reload is your seamless solution. It's a must-have tool tailored for those who appreciate the importance of an active, up-to-date browsing session.

Tab-specific Refresh Rates

Experience the luxury of customization with Simple Reload. Our tool assigns refresh rates on a per-tab basis, ensuring your browsing needs are met with precision. Set your desired refresh rate and it stays, even if you navigate to different pages within the same tab. You're free to explore the web knowing your tabs will refresh at the rate you've set, regardless of where your browsing takes you.

Stay Informed at a Glance

With Simple Reload, you're always in control. Our user-friendly interface shows you exactly which tabs are auto-refreshing and their current refresh rates right in the tab title bar. An easy-to-see refresh icon and refresh rate precede your tab title, keeping you updated without needing to click or switch tabs. Simple Reload keeps you informed and on top of your browsing experience.

Never Miss a Beat

Whether you need to refresh a tab once an hour or every second, Simple Reload is adaptable to your needs. Want to be the first to catch webpage updates or product releases? Set your tab to refresh every second and stay ahead of the curve. With Simple Reload, you're always the first to know and never miss an opportunity.

Built for the Pros

Simple Reload is designed with power users at its core. While the average person might not understand the significance of page refreshing, for the tech-savvy, for the remote professional, staying updated is essential. Simple Reload ensures you're not just staying active, but productive and efficient in your work. This is more than an auto-refresh tool - it's a productivity powerhouse.

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