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Dog Saving Network

A New, National, Not-For-Profit Rescue and Awareness Organization

The Dog Saving Network was created with one purpose in mind- to drastically reduce the amount of shelter dogs that are euthanized every year. If we were to create a shelter to save these dogs from being put down…it would need to have close to 4 million kennels!  Our solution is not to create thousands of new shelters, but rather to focus on prevention through education and awareness.  Those messages are out there, we wish to change the way the message is delivered.

We know that there are individuals and organizations dedicated to this cause and we are inspired by their efforts.  We started our organization to be “part of the solution” and we wish to work with established organizations to help with this national problem

Our goal is to create an effective message that will appeal to a larger audience.  We will grab people’s attention using various forms of entertainment through a host of new mediums.  At the center of this is the creation of a new, unique reality-based show that we hope will attract people who normally wouldn’t consider the plight of millions of shelter dogs.  Our show will break traditional misconceptions and expose people to the true potential of these wonderful animals.

In addition, we will design a facility like no other in the country.  Our proposed “Rescue and Rehabilitation Center” will be more than just a shelter… it will be a “Messaging Platform”.  We will use proven positive reinforcement training techniques to train every dog that comes through our doors.  Some will go on to star in our show, others will take part in our education and outreach programs but All dogs will be trained before they will even be considered eligible for adoption.  We will also provide ongoing training support for the new family to assist dog’s transition into their new home.

We are in the early stages of development and we need your help in fulfilling our mission.  This website is going to be changing daily as we grow…so keep checking back.  We hope you will all grow with us and together, we can make a difference for millions of dogs across the country

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