“We are very proud to have worked with Atlantic Bay Builders. on numerous very successful projects as they understand our concept completely and provide consistent quality services. We would highly recommend them.”

- Jay Fraser, VP & General Manager: Turner Construction Company 

Beacon Square

Project Name: The Beacon Square Professional Campus

General Contractor: OHL Tower Group

Description: This project consisted of 9 office buildings all 2-3 story and built from a combination of ICF and Reddi-form construction. The buildings ranged from 20,000-40,000 each and were the only multi-story buildings every built from ICF and Reddi-form (foam insulated materials). The True mastery of our team again was the management of 120+ men on multiple buildings at different stages of construction and at the same time planning, figuring out and perfecting a completely new system never done by any company before. Despite all of these challenges this project came in AHEAD of schedule and turned out to be one of our projects we are most proud of.